Monday, 23 July 2012

Happy Birthday, Sam Tan!!!

Happy Birthday, Sam!! May all your wishes come true, bro!!

Our Sam celebrates his birthday every 24 July.

Carpet revisited?

Who would ever thought that it was going to be a tedious ride to Carpet? Well, usually it is always fun riding towards the destination but getting back under the blazing sun is another story.

This time, we cycled from Paya Terubong Petronas station, up the PT hills, zoom down to Relau, then we short cut to Yoyo Cafe where Oriental Kok was waiting for us. We finally push off at about 8:10am. The ride was great while Guan negotiated the single track with ease, pretty good for a first timer at Carpet.

We then gate crashed into Guan's pal durian dusun and had a great time, well, maybe it was a pre-lunch. Here are some photos:-

Reached carpet, Kenny, Kwan

At Guan's pal's dusun


Under the shade

Kenny, speed rider

Durian collector

Kok, fortune teller

Yeap and Sam

Looking for water

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Photo of the week!!

Duku langsat to Angmoh nih nih??

Ok, this morning's ride was not difficult at all if compared to the previous outing we had. This time, we cycled up 1002 Steps Temple, an easy climb even for novice but the interesting part was on the way back. We went down via a route which we have been trying to do for quite awhile now, but we put it off because no one pointed out the way. So, after our Duku langsat feast at the entrance of 1002 Steps Temple, we explored various path to a hermitage and finally braved ourselves to cycle down the steep hills of Paya Terubong. Here are some photos:-

Monday, 2 July 2012

CFAL4 training starts!

So, the training for CFAL4 started with 6 members taking the Balik Pulau hills to the Teluk Bahang winding road which led us to the coastal road to George Town. There was at least 300 cyclists zipping up and down the route making the ride like carnival like.

First stop, breakfast at Balik Pulau food court

Paya Terubong to 3km uphill to hill top

Early morning assembly, members were punctual.

Your motorcycle, Kwan?

Teluk Bahang hawker stall