Monday, 27 August 2012

When the going get tough, the tough gets going!!

In our team, we have a few reporters and photographers who have to work round the clock 24/7, and when they have their off day on Sundays, you can be rest assured that the ride is going to be really tough. This is because our reporter team mates do not have the chance to cycle during the weekdays.

So, this Sunday, we have arranged a tough ride for everyone, especially for Khye Kok from Oriental Daily. This intended route was supposed to start from Kek Lok Si Temple car park, cycle up to Ayer Itam Dam, around the inner path and up to the dreaded LCY.

Nevertheless, like any solid plans, things just changed for the best. We took the steep TSLK route up to AID. Out of 8 of us, 5 took the TSLK and the rest negotiated a much more friendlier route via KLS.

Yeoh and Kenny had to leave early for work and cycled down AID as soon as they reached it. From there, Guan joined us all the way to Balik Pulau via Hilton.

As usual after breakfast, we started our ride back to Ayer Itam via a shortcut to Jalan Tun Sardon. Two weeks ago, we took the same route (single track) but it was totally a different landscape all together this time around.

Road works have started, bulldozers widen the road and we believe that they are making a tar road that links to the main road. Not sure it is a good thing for the environment, seeing trees being cut down to make way for a tarred road.

Here are some photos of the ride:-

Kwan is seen to be saying,"Where is Ah Guan???"

What a change of landscape!!!

At his age, Ah Guan is damn fit.

Met another group of cyclists at the junction to Jln Tun Sardon

Oriental Kok, "ti theng ka"

Yeap, our HTC promoter

Simon says "No problem"

Breakfast RM 11

Taking a video clip

Ba Chang kuih

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Nearly sodomized......

When you are trying balance on a bicycle from a steep terrain, make sure you have your ass at the rear of the seat or even better, lower down the seat.

It was extremely lucky Yeoh escaped without any unwanted injury when his seat broken, leaving him to cycle standing up all the way down from 1002 Step Temple and eventually all the way back to his home.

Ah Guan brought a friend who has been doing Down Hill for several years, retired from it for the past 3 years, Chris Soon is coming back with a moderate start on the hardtail which is built himself. Hope to see more of him. Here are some photsos:-

Guan on the narrow single track

Yeoh's seat broke

Kok Leong, long time no see

Winson Yeap

The view

From left, Guan, Chris Soon

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Yin Fan our newbie, but very determined cyclist

Yin Fan just brought her first foldie the day before yesterday and she was really excited to try it around the Ayer Itam Dam. At this initial stage, I advised her to cycle around the dam rather than trying out the steep lane that led to the dam which has several difficult spots for beginners. Most newbies will probably give up if we push them all the way up.

Despite having a 8 speed foldie (the latest MTB has 30 speed nowadays), Yin Fan managed to cycle 3 rounds around the water catchment area. Joined by other CBCBC members who accompanied her on the final round, it was fun for Yin Fan to get to know all the members too.

Here are some photos:-

Yin Fan and some of the CBCBC members

Simon testing Yin Fan's foldie

From left: Sam, Ah Khai, Yin Fan, Simon and wife Meng Ean

Gaya mesti ada!!

Yin Fan trying out a MTB

Kenny looks cute with a foldie

Monday, 13 August 2012

Photo of the week: Chase by 4 wheel drive!!

Danny Yeoh being chased by a 4 wheel drive..hehehe, well not exactly. The 4 wheel drive driver is a friendly guy who shares the narrow road with cyclists. A great guy indeed.

Nan Shan still popular among CBCBC members

Despite the super steep climb to the top of Nan Shan Hill at Paya Terubong, CBCBC members are still finding it irresistible. Those who had cycled there before will know that if you can take Nan Shan without stopping, you can take any tough hill in Penang.

CBCBC members had pledge their target to be completed by end of 2012. Some have even completed them 6 month earlier. Here are some of the photos taken during this Sunday ride.