Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Another birthday boy in Oct 2012

Wishing you Captain Jimmy—— glad days filled with friendliness, bright days filled with cheer, warm days filled with happiness to last throughout the year ! 

Have a Wonderhuuuu  Brithday !

队长愿你一年到头都有—— 满友谊的欢欣日子,充满愉快的明朗日子,充满幸福的温馨日子!诚心诚意地祝贺您生日快

Best wishes from : All CBCB members

Sunday, 28 October 2012

A route well chosen......

When it comes to a Sunday where Khye Kok and Cheam Khai are "off duty", plans to ride the most satisfying and worthwhile route starts almost one week before the ride. Both being photographers for Chinese dailies, they are mostly occupied the whole weekdays and sometimes weekends. Like people say, news never stop spinning.

This Sunday ride route was "designed" by Khye Kok, going up to AID, cycled up to LCY and took the long down hill ride to "Sg Rusa", which its actual name is Jalan Hor Nyeor Leong.

I remembered Azmi Zainuddin of KOTRT telling me not to mistakenly said Sg Rusa when we are actually at HNL. He told me that there was an incident where cyclists were hurt coming down from HNL, but they called in and reported they were at Sg Rusa. Naturally, the rescue team went to Sg Rusa and could not find them.

Anyway, the ride was really tiring but satisfying. The route took us to the peppermint valley and from the top of the hills, the coastal view was just superb.

As usual, after a tiring climb, negotiating the winding downhill and the long flat road ride to Balik Pulau town, naturally, we were hungry. Everyone was very careful with the amount of food intake knowing that we had to climb the "Black Bridge" from Balik Pulau jungle to AID.

So, Khye Kok's route choice was really challenging but doable, not for beginners though. So, here are the photos taken during this ride. Enjoy.

Path leading to Ngoh Hean, clean and tidy

1st time for Ah Khai

Who's that?

Kwan on the way up

Sam is next

Ah Guan up and ready

Ah Kok pumping it up

Tua Pek Kong temple on the way down to HNL

Peppermint valley

Not Sg Rusa but Jalan Hor Nyeor Leong

Nice retreat in the hills