Monday, 25 March 2013

Yin Fan, our tough newbie

I took Yin Fan for a test ride 2 weeks ago since she had a new MTB a Trek 4900. She cycled quite frequently with her foldie and we were all afraid that she may not be able to cope with the gear shifting, the brakes and the suspensions all at once.

The most drastic change was from a 8 speed to a 30 speed mechanism. Well, the only way to gauge her was to take her cycling with her new toy, playing around with gears, feeling the MTB as well. 

After two rounds around the inner path of AID, we decided to do the ultimate test. Cycling up a steep slope from the PBA bungalow to the AID parking lot. Despite being new to all these, Yin Fan managed to cycle up on her own, without stopping, and the best part was she was asking for another round. 

It was then, I knew she would conquer AID hill (from Kek Lok Si to AID parking lot) without a problem. So, last Sunday, the weather was great, blue skies in the morning, CBCBC team accompanied Yin Fan to the top. 

And we were all so proud of her for taking the challenge and succeed. From the parking lot, we cycled up to Hilton and proceed to Balik Pulau. It was the first experience for Yin Fan, but she showed guts going downhill to Balik Pulau food court and back again to AID after a short break. 

 She is really tough, well much tougher than all of us thought. Well done, Yin Fan!! Here are some photos taken by the members during the ride:-

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Joint Ride Ekoraidaz and Chu Bi Chu Bi Club

Ever since we adopted to select a route master for all our Sunday rides, today's was the toughest compared to the previous outings since 3 weeks ago. Route master for this ride was Kwan. Despite a late start for Goh and Kok (Kok was waiting for Goh to get a parking space), we all managed to reach the top within a good time. Goh finally reached 84 and bid us goodbye from there.

We later decided to branch out to 120 instead of going up via the bungalow (definitely a hard climb by any standards) to reach 168. Even though, a little bit forgiving, the 120 route has its own surprises as well as Ekoraidaz riders William, Ray and Chian found out.

As for another Ekoraidaz rider, Thomas, he took 168 straight up as we went to route 120. Well, I must say that it was a great effort by Thomas. Well done bro.

As for our Penang CBCBC brothers, what can I say but congratulations for another great ride. I believe all of us were much more excited getting down via TSLK, one of the steepest descent you can find in Penang. One has to try it to believe it.

Ray was so trilled that he will probably try it again soon, but reverse by going up!!!

One day, we will have to face our fears and go up this dreaded route to Penang Hill via Tai Siong Loh Khun. People say if you can conquer TSLK to Penang Hill, there is no mountain you cannot reach, by cycling of course.

Here are some photos contributed by all:-