Monday, 20 May 2013

It's back to training again

Ever since pre GE13 and post GE13, I am still tied down with loads of videos of ceramahs and events. I barely have time to update the blog, but with a little less hectic, I am sure i will be back, starting from last Sunday.

It's back to training again.
2013 seems to be a hectic schedule for CBCBC members as far as cycling participation is concerned. Many have registered for the CFAL 5th edition and other competition routes as well. So, it’s back to building stamina, trying out new methods and sharing experiences with members. Last week, we did a “semi round island” route starting from AID, taking the easy down hill to Balik Pulau and cruising the coastal road to Tanjung Bungah from Teluk Bahang.
We started early at about 6:45am, anticipating the blazing sun at the near end of the ride at Straits Quay. I guess the event has boost the confidence for some new members and strengthened the experienced riders to another level.  
Here are some of the photos taken by the members:-