Saturday, 25 February 2012

Great ride with a surprise

Roger and wife made a surprise appearance for the ride up to Nan Shan this morning. Roger had tried this route several months back but retreated after the 1st hut. This morning was quite cooling and team mates really enjoyed the steep terrains and endured torture of Nan Shan.

By the way, Kenny rode until Tua Pek Kong shrine and had to go to work. Hardworking fella.

Roger and wife made it until the Passion Fruit Plantation which is beyond Nan Shan Tua Pek Kong shrine. Well done!!

At the destination

Our hideout from the blazing sun

Hey look I made it!!!

Mrs Roger Low and Mrs Simon Ong

Roger and wife

Oriental Kok's new glove. Action la!!

Makissa anyone?

Training starts for Mike

When it comes to getting a newbie to understand the mechanics of cycling correctly, who is the best person to assign this task? Who else but our one and only Sam "The Trainer".

Our good old pal, Michael Geh had his first taste of what is going to come this morning at AID. I would not be a good instructor to Mike as we know each other since we were in primary school back in La Salle School. Knowing Micky, he probably needs some "whipping and pushing" to get his butt going..hahahaha.

We are just glad that Mike is sticking to what he has promised, that's to cycle every Saturday at AID. We believe that Mike will be exploring the hills in Penang in no time. So, keep it up Mike because "The Trainer" is pretty kind this morning, wait till he gets his whip out...muahahahaha

After 2 rounds around the AID

WTF Mike, wine in the morning bro???

Guan, ha mik su??

Sotong ah Mike?

Pals lending a helping hand, Guan, Yeoh, Sam, Felix, Michael

No sweat la Mike!!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

A relaxing ride this Sunday

The weather was just nice, cooling temperature all the way from the Kek Lok Si to Hilton. What a wonderful change in temperature, probably due to yesterday's heavy down pour. But who is complaining...

Saturday, 18 February 2012

First for Kok Leong and Michael

It was the first for Kok Leong to cycle up Ngoh Hean and a first for Michael to go around the inner path of Air Itam Dam. 

Ngoh Hean's view was not good at all with the heavy haze at Pulau Betong and Balik Pulau.

It looks like Michael will be joining more often and will undergo the Chu Bi Chu Bi training program headed by our Sam Tan "The Trainer". Watch out Mike hehehe!!!

Kok Leong's first ride to Ngoh Hean

Happy Mike after AID ride