Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Tropical Storm Irene hits USA

MOREHEAD CITY, North Carolina (Reuters) - Hurricane Irene charged up the U.S. East Coast on Saturday toward New York, shutting down the city, and millions of Americans sought shelter from a huge storm that halted transport and caused massive power blackouts.
"The storm is coming," New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg told the more than 8 million people who live in the United States' most populous city that includes Wall Street, one of the world's major financial centers.
From the Carolinas to Maine, tens of millions of people were in the path of the giant 580-mile-wide storm that howled ashore in eastern North Carolina at daybreak on Saturday, dumping torrential rain, felling trees and knocking out power.
At least six deaths were reported in North Carolina, Virginia and Florida. Several million people were under evacuation orders on the U.S. East Coast.
New York City ordered unprecedented evacuations and shut down its airports and subways, part of a huge public transit system that moves 8.5 million people a day on weekdays. Commuters were left to flag down yellow taxis and livery cabs that were patrolling largely deserted streets.
Irene caused transport chaos in the eastern United States, as airline, rail and transit systems in New York and other cities started sweeping weekend shutdowns.

Drizzle will not dampen our spirit

There is no welcoming sign than a beautiful morning. I believed the first thing we checked once we woke up this morning was the weather.  It was drizzling at Yeoh's place but it was all clear sky all around. Our destination, Ngoh Hean via TSLK and no one was complaining. Looks like our members are getting stronger and more skilled cycling up very steep slopes. Bravo!!!

We also received news from Goh this morning, our brother who has been sick since our last outing at Gunung Jerai. Goh will be joining us tomorrow for the Paya Terubong - Balik Pulau - Teluk Bahang - Batu Ferringhi - Ayer Itam ride. Hopefully, the sweating and exercise will help him recover faster. Welcome back, Goh!!

Clear sky at 7:00am

Tua Pek Kong shrine

Sam offering some prayers

Red jambu

Rest at Ngoh Hean Temple

Monday, 29 August 2011

Turn fat into energy for better workout

Access 10 x 30g - RM 70.00
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Access naturally blocks the energy-sapping effects of adenosine and muscles use less sugar and more stored fat for energy. It also gives you greater endurance with less fatigue. 

Most importantly, Access turns fat into pure energy. It works differently than other energy bars

Eat an Access on an empty stomach 15 minutes before exercising.

Access is patented nutrition bar that turns fat into energy.

Offer price - RM 70.00 (Retail price RM 102.00)

Hydrate with Sustain Sport

Sustain Sport 20 x 8g packet - RM 65.00
Feeling low on energy after a short period of vigorous cycling? Try these. Introducing "Sustain Sport" the performance hydration drink. We tend to bring too much water when we want to ride long distance or challenging steep terrains, the extra bottle or camel pack will weigh us down with an additional 1 - 2 liters, that's about 1 - 2 kgs extra.

With Sustain Sport you will be amazed with what it can do to your body with a single pack mix. It is the first low-calorie performance hydration drink that includes four electrolytes and vitamins C, E, and B12 to help you maximize your performance.

Hydration - Replenishes your body before, during and after your workout with water, electrolytes, and essential vitamins to help you maximize your workout.

Endurance - The nutrients in Sustain Sport help protect your body from early fatigue and muscle cramping, allowing you to continue your exercise and daily activities better that water alone.

Low-Calorie - Sustain Sport is low in calorie. It contains only 15 calorie per 8 fl.oz

Easy consumption - Just add Sustain Sport with water

Offer price - RM 65.00 (retail price RM 100.00)

Product from Melaleuca

Sunday, 28 August 2011

The most macho photo of the week.

Yong the "Headmaster" (2nd from left)  is the macho man!!

Dog chase and dead tortoise

Petronas Paya Terubong
6:30am.....that's our meeting time at Petronas Paya Terubong. It was an early morning meet, but that was the best time as to avoid heavy traffic. The road leading to Balik Pulau from Paya Terubong is steep and we have not tried this route before. Many had feared the steep slope which is about 4 km from the meeting place.

But then again, if we do not try it, we will never know. To our surprise, the ascent was really smooth and the team had no problem cycling up before we descent to Balik Pulau market.

On the way up, nearly to the top of the climb, we were greeted by a few stray dogs, Yeoh was chased upon as he was cycling uphill. Kenny and I had to keep the dogs at bay. We then realized that the dogs were aggressive because they were protecting their dead puppy which was laying at the inner road.

As we cycle down to Balik Pulau,  Yeoh and I stopped by the road side when we spotted a tortoise crossing the road, but before we could do anything, a car ran over it, the tortoise had no chance. It was flatten beyond recognition. Pity that fella...

There are a few "firsts" in this cycling outing. Here they are:-

1st time we cycled from Paya Terubong via Jalan Tun Sardon to Balik Pulau.
1st time we cycle from Balik Pulau to Teluk Bahang and to Ayer Itam
1st time being the first team to reach Balik Pulau hawker stall
1st time we even entered into Teluk Bahang Dam (for a short photo session)
1st time chased by dogs..hehehehe

Teluk Bahang road side coffee shop

Kwan and Ken

Yeap enjoying the view

Road leading up to Teluk Bahang

Hot discussion, "How to remove the battery?"

Kwan's new jersey, very nice!!

Nice view


Three heads are better than one

One gallon of nutmeg juice

Buah Pala

Rain, rain go away, come again another day.....

Yesterday evening compared to this morning...what a difference, actually it is a huge difference as the weather determines our cycling activities. It was totally moody yesterday evening, but we got our "needs" fixed by going up to Nan Shan yesterday at 4:30pm, on the way down, Kwan and I met Simon who was on the way up.

This morning at Balik Pulau

Yesterday evening

Friday, 26 August 2011

Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya to all our Muslim friends, if possible visit them for delicious rendang and the varieties "kuih raya". Most of all, strengthen the bond of friendship.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Speed devil...Vroooommm

A bit "sian" with all the posts about MTB. So, here's something you and I love if we have the skills and courage. Enjoy the speed!!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Cute Foldable

Bike Weight :9 kg (19.8 lbs)
Frame :7000 Series Powder-Coated Rustproof Aluminum
Drive Train :Kevlar Greaseless Belt Drive  (up to 80,000 km or 50,000 miles)
Wheels :Alloy 36 cm (14”) Rustproof
Brakes :Cable Disc Brakes
Speeds :Single Speed (56 gear inch)
Folded Size :102 cm x 51 cm x 23 cm  (40” x 20” x 9”)
Grip :Gel
Bottom Bracket :Welded
Luggage Rack :Holds 14 kg (30 lbs)
Reflective Strip :Scotchlite

Monday, 22 August 2011

Fox Terralogic

Our dream forks, I wonder what Fox will come out for 2012.

Retail price: RM 3,900.00 per set (Pink Bike Trading, Far Lim, Penang)

Braking Techniques

Some simple tips about braking, hope it helps some of our mates.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Balik Pulau ride Aug 21, 2011

It wasn't a full team outing but it was a fun one cycling from Ayer Itam Dam to Balik Pulau new market for a bite and back. Kok and BK joined us until Hilton. They would definitely enjoyed this trip to Balik Pulau.

It is also very nice to see that Yeoh has made a "comeback" to his usual performance. His stamina is back and he will be out for more rides.

Riding towards the hills that will lead us up to AID from Balik Pulau.

After a feast at the Balik Pulau market, the team started their journey back to AID. Still happy faces..hahahah

It is that song again that gets everyone pumped up before the ride.

Near Hilton

Rest area, Hilton


From left: Sam, Yeap and BK

Famous curry fish

Yeoh and Kenny

No time to talk, makan first

Sam, vegetarian today 

Bah Chang Kuih


Look for this stall, you wouldn't regret it

Kopi O with Kaya Bun
Curry fish