Sunday, 20 November 2011

Another great ride to Balik Pulau

Wan Tan Mee, Sam said something is missing, does not taste right....

We are here!!!

Koay Teow Th'ng

Simon is back!

Our latest addition, Kok Liang, welcome bro

Breath in, breath out

Kwan giving some useful cycling tips to Kok Liang

Our lost and found Kenny "KLT"

Our "Trainer Sam" sweeping from behind and guiding Guan all the way

Waiting for Sam and Guan


  1. Hey Captain you forgot to highlight our Heahmaster claim that his MTB is heavier than Kok Liang's MTB !

  2. Sam, bro. Tan Kauong's MTB is slightly heavier than Kok Liang's. I cannot believe it at first, but true leh

  3. Thanks to all bro's useful tips n many thanks to our trainer bro sam for the guided.

  4. Guan bro, you are always welcome. We really enjoyed your company and would like you to join us every weekend. Our trainer, Sam, has many sensible tips, I learnt a lot from him

  5. Guan : Welcome welcome to Pg CBCB Club bro Guan. No worry we are sort of exchange knowledge and share share from each other la...!
    Captain : mai ah nea kong la...Tail up lor !!