Monday, 25 February 2013

Great weather all day long

It's never easy to organise a route that caters for all kind riders, some are afraid of steep climb, some has phobia coming down the hill, some wants a sufferfest kind of ride while some just want to have a easy going ride.

But when it comes to CBCBC members, most of them are all rounded, they can take any route and all are willing to try out new routes.

Last weekend, we decide to abandon the idea of going up to Penang Hill via TSLK and cycled up to Ayer Itam Dam and cruised down to Balik Pulau for a quick bite before taking the Pondok Upeh road to Pulau Betong. From there we went up to Hakka Village for the second time for some of us but the first time for Sam and Kok.

We thought that we will be fried like french fries because we were still struggling to get Yeap's brakes rectified at nearly noon. But I think god was watching over us, the weather was simply cooling the whole afternoon. We really enjoyed our long ride last Sunday.

Here are some photos for all to enjoy:-