Sunday, 25 March 2012

New route to Paya Terubong Hill explored again

When there is a new route to venture into, there is never giving up until it is fully explored. Today, Sam and Felix for the first time took the single track up to the peak of Nan Shan Hill to view the splendid panoramic scenery of the Penang second bridge which is under construction.

The view of the Penang International Airport is in full from where we were standing. What a great view! 


  1. Yes, The landscape view of the other side of Nan Shan was awesome ! Runway of Penang Airport, second link of Penang bridge, Pulau Jerejak etc etc..I love it very much !

  2. Congrats to Penang Chubi Chubi club ! our blog Total Pageviews already hit 10,000 !

  3. I think when we have the time, we should explore the other side of the hill which will probably bring us to Balik Pulau.

    Yes, a great feeling that the website has reached 10K hits, thanks to all members and friends who supported the club.