Saturday, 29 December 2012

"Cheng Cheng" ride this morning

Adding another point to our Nan Shan Challenge, not that we need it, but probably for us to gauge what the figure would be for 2013.

Nan Shan will always be another new chapter for us CBCBC members even though it will always be there for us to enjoy. This morning, we noticed new faces trying out Nan Shan and we all believed that the cyclists enjoyed their experiences up there.

Not only, the air is so fresh, it takes away the stress we endure during the weekdays. Here are some candid shots of us at Nan Shan this morning.

Hello, hello, moshi moshi!!

What happened to the bicycle?

"Video or stills?"

Cycle up hill also got time to pose ah??

"Tse Tin"

Our favourite rubber tree


Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Dark skies with a rainbow at the end

"Rain, rain go away, come again another day", that was what went thru my mind as the sky was really dark and it started to rain heavily. How are we going to cycle out from our homes this time around? Bicycle Town is beyond the hills of Paya Terubong and we were supposed to gather at Far Lim 7D with the rest. But then again, we are supposed to be tough chaps and what is a little rain? Hehehehe.

Anyway, it must be the blessing from above, everyone finished the ride which started from Bicycle Town, Penang Airport, Gelugor, Yeap Choy Yee and back to Bicycle Town. All together, 22km in total without getting wet.

Here some photos taken by Winson Yeap, thanks bro:-

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Balik Pulau XC ride

I am quite amazed how we can wake up at 4:30am in morning to get prepared for the recent Balik Pulau XC which started from Kompleks Sukan Balik Pulau. Gathering the members were a breeze this time around, all were at Petronas Station Paya Terubong as planned at 5:30am.

We set off at around at about 5:45am, Kwan and I were carrying bicycle racks with two bikes at my rear car and Kwan was carrying three.

While Simon sat in my car, Ah Guan and Kenny tagged along with Kwan. Yeap and Yeoh treated their bicycles more passionately than us, they put their bikes at the rear seats. Hahaha The most worrying part for both of them was probably having to put their muddy bikes in their cars after the ride.

Together with us was Yin Fan who took part in the 20KM Fun Ride.

Wee tagged along as well.

We took a slow drive to the sports complex via Jln Tun Sardon. As we reached the destination, I was quite surprise to see lots of parking lots available. I remembered how packed the cars were during Kayuh Lasak 2012 recently, I was anticipating the same, but not so for BPXC.

Here are some photos taken during the ride:-

Lunch time, hungry like a wolf

Yeap looking good

Ah Khai fainted, no la, just sleeping after the ride