Friday, 29 June 2012

GoPro HD on Bike Trails in Vancouver's North Shore

Nice HD cam for action sports, I went to KSH and asked for the price, offer at RM 950.00 very tempting very tempting.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Third week straight, Balik Pulau!!!!

Just for Khai and Kayong, we went to Balik Pulau again this morning, marking the third time we cycle there continuously. Hahaha, I think we need to find another venue next week.

Balik Pulau last week's ride

I thought I put up the photos for the last week's ride, apparently not, so here it is folks.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Photo of the week...."Where is Durian Seng???"

8 hour ride!!! We are crazy!!

This must be our club's history for the longest ride ever, 8 enduring hours of exploring the hills of Balik Pulau, Air Putih and back. By the time we reached Hilton at nearly 2:00pm, we were all out of breath and completely exhausted. Still we need to ride down to Ayer Itam market before going our separate ways to home.

I for one enjoyed our new found route by chance, we wanted to find the way through the hills of Balik Pulau to reach the Prince of Wales International School, which we think we were about to reach over the final hills, but was hindered by a punctuate (Yeap's bike). I will definitely go all the way the next time around, now that we know what is ahead of us.

And of course, going to Balik Pulau without stopping at Durian Seng'd dusun seems incomplete, so we had our late lunch there.

Here are some photos:-

Monday, 4 June 2012

Over eating for sure!!

This was the record high for a cycling trip with the most eating session we ever had...the sequence I believe was this:-

1. Durian at Paya Terubong
2. Economy rice at Balik Pulau
3. Durian at "Durian Seng" plantation
4. Durian ice stick at "Durian Seng"
5. Drinks at Ayer Itam market

Believe me when I say that it was also the hardest Balik Pulau - AID climb we ever had, after all the food, it was expected.

Here are so photos:-