Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Video of the Year

It is not what it seems honey....

Hahahahahaha....this kind of video can get people in real trouble...

No pork leg, two punctuates.....

The faces of the CBCBC members showed it all. They look sad and disappointed when they reached the Balik Pulau food court where we usually hang out after the down hill session from AID. It can only mean one thing....The economy rice stall is CLOSED !!!!! And with that said, that also meant that there is NO PORK LEG dish!!!! Lots of grumbling especially from Oriental Kok...."No more coming to Balik Pulau on Mondays!!", he said.

Nevertheless, the coffee stall serves great half boiled eggs and roti bakar. The Char Koay Teow tasted good too, but those whom ordered the wan tan noddle had a bad time swallowing it. Tough luck guys.

Anyway, it was really great to have Goh cycling with us again after several weeks of hectic travelling. He still has the stamina. Well done Goh!!

As for our Ah Guan is concerned, this time around, the uphill climb back to AID from Balik Pulau seem effortless for him. He is making great progress, thanks to our "Sam, the trainer".

A bit of bad luck though, we encountered two punctuates, Oriental Kok and Non Stop Kwan. Managed to change the inner tubes in no time. There is a video of those who helped Kwan change the tube, it is not what it seems..hahahaha. This video is awarded the "Best Video of the Year 2011", while waiting for the video, do enjoy the photos taken randomly during this ride.

Near Hilton

Oriental Kok, asking for blessing for all CBCBC members

Non Stop Kwan doing the same

Sam, the trainer..paying respect to Tua Pek Kong

Bicycle mating

Nice shade, nice bamboo trees

Operation: Replace inner tube II

Kwan's front tube punctuate

Our surgeons at work

At the bicycle shop (Balik Pulau)

Kok's punctuate repaired by mechanic Aunty

Abang, adik???

Sup pun habis ah??

Welcome back Goh.

Balik Pulau hills are getting bald....

Xmas Ride 2011: Penang Hill 168

As the Christmas song goes,

"You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I'm telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town"

Well, this Xmas morning, instead of opening up our presents, we make our day much more merrier by torturing ourselves by cycling up to Penang Hill (what were we thinking??). Anyway, it is the first trip for Ah Guan to reach 168 Penang Hill. Here are some of the photos:-

Aunty 888 complaining to Yeap. BTW, Yeap looks like an Adun too..

Serious looking Kenny, must be something wrong with the Char Koay Teow

Happy to make it to 168

First time for Ah Guan to reach 168 Penang Hill

Saturday Night Fever???