Sunday, 11 December 2011

Car Free Day a success!!!

Waking up at 5:15am this morning was with ease knowing that you are going to be part of a eventful day which Penangites have been waiting for. Penang being first in what they do, the state government has launch a "Car Free Day" on the 11th Dec 2011, first in Malaysia. The street where most of the banks are, Beach Street will be closed for un-motorized vehicles from the morning until 5:00pm on Sundays.

Again, Penang CBCBC members have gathered again to show support to the state government for a good initiative, keeping Penang greener with lesser pollution emitted by motorized vehicles.

The event was joined by cyclists with all types of specifications, from kiddy bikes to old heritage bicycles. All in all, approximately 5,000 cyclists of all ages join the event. Here are so photos taken of the event and the climb to  station 84 of Penang Hill by the gang in the same morning after the Car Free Day 10km fun ride.

Penang CBCBC members at Car Free Day

5,000 cyclists

Not all the time we can meet up with our Ronne and Chu Woon

Gaya tentu ada!!!

Our Fearless Yeoh, another S84 under his belt

First timer for station 84, Guan

Non Stop Kwan, happy to reach station 84

Sam, still with ample stamina

After Penang Hill station 84

Giant size Passion Fruit + Orange juice


  1. It's fun to join with all brothers for a major event and also a virgin trip for Penang Hill 84 station.

  2. Bravo Guan ! Very good experience and breakthrough to Pg Hill 84.
    For the very first time reach station 84 within 1 hour and just a little break. Cheers !

  3. Guan, it is great to see you trying every route that has been thrown to you.

  4. Yeah...Danny Guan Yeoh ! now the profile photo look very young, energetic, vigorous, strong, powerful, active, vigorously, dynamic & enthusias haha what else !