Sunday, 24 July 2011

Blue House, The Bungalow and The Carpet..What a ride!!!

After cancelling the round Penang Island ride last night, the team quickly responded to the change of trail. This time, The Carpet at Sungai Ara. This trail has been explored by the team several occasions and it proved to be a great ride. Moreover, we were guided by Lau and Jacky to the "Blue House" and "The Bungalow". Thank you, Jacky and Lau!! Now we have two more new destination to venture!! 

A short rest before going up to the "Blue House", actually the Blue House has been demolished and converted into a farm plot.

From here on wards, it is single track with steep hills, takes lots of balancing to be able to ride all the way up. Once reached the top, we decided to do a reverse instead of going down to Balik Pulau because no one was sure about the trail towards the destination.

Here are some photos contributed by Sam, Kwan, Yeap....Enjoy!!

Reached a Siamese temple before Blue House

Siamese temple

Short rest before climb to Blue House

Trying out some local fruits

Sam reaching The Carpet

Kok, Yong and Kwan reached early at Carpet

Meng Ean and Simon

Bali Bali

Single track, easy for Sam

Group photo, but where is Sam and Yeap??


Duku langsat

Let me see, let me see

Jimmy on the trail

Waiting for Simon??

Road leading to Blue House from Siamese temple

Photo time

Yong, want Nangka or not??
Rest after being chased by dogs
Sam Tan
When the camera angle is such, the cameraman must be Kok
Blue House or farm plot??
Surveying the local fruits around. Chief Surveyor, Kwan.
Sam's dream house, he intends to buy it soon.
Jacky, Poon, Yeap, Simon and Yong
Simon decided to become a hermit and medicate in the temple
Mosquito, mosquito!!

Nangka time, after exiting the trail
Lunch with the gang, superb and delicious

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