Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Paragon X training

Yes, it looked like a cycling carnival at the Botanical Gardens last Sunday as many cyclists gauge their stamina on the steep tarmac to Penang Hill.

Joining us for the first time was my old schoolmate, Mohd Azmi who speaks Hokkien like any Penang Hokkien lang and a real fun guy to be with.

Kenny, our Shaolin Master had to retired at 84 due to a sore knee and had to cycle down. The rest reached 168 at least 30 minutes behind us. The fun part was going down via Tiger Hill and LCY. I am trying to upload some photos later. Tune in later. Thanks.

Kok, what are you holding???

Repair bawah pokok..sini pun ada, ini hutan lo

"Baru mereka tahu aku siapa, I la Kayuh Lasak King.."

"Dua tahun tak kayuh naik 168 la"...tipu hehehe

No breath ah? Smoke some more la hehehe

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Rain or shine, here we come......

The morning was a beautiful one when we gathered at Sim Cycle at 7am on Sunday. Even though, the group was small, we were very happy hoping to meet up with Khaw who has been busy for a few months. More over, Goh has confirmed to ride too. But both did not turn up.

Our newest member, Ah Leng, tried out the first steep terrain from the guardhouse and finally gave up but I have to give him a pat on the shoulder for wanting to try and know where he needed to improve. The weather was really cool but rained heavily as we were about to reach the top of Penang Hill.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

CFAL4 video....


Photo of the Week: Sleeping "lucky number" Khai

Ah Khai sleeping but he won a bicycle as soon as he woke up...lucky fella

CBCBC supports CFAL

It's the fourth year back to back, CFAL one of the most anticipated ride in Penang was held last weekend and as expected, it has brought together cyclists from all disciplines to campaign for a bicycle lane around Penang.

Cyclists from all over the country arrived at The Esplanade also know as Padang Kota Lama to support this meaningful event.

Plans for bicycle lane around Penang are being approved, meanwhile works are being done with strong support and funding CIMB Foundation.

This the second year we joined the event and will continue to give support for a lane for cyclists in Penang. Here are some photos:-