Friday, 26 April 2013

JoinT Ride Chan Eng Kooi’s group and Chu Bi Chu Bi Club to Relau waterfall

This ride was the first ride for all the cbcbc members. It was a bit arduous ride but overall it was an enjoyable ride for all the members. Members meet at Yoyo’s café and starts the ride from Sungai Ara’s route. 
Remember at initial stage when cycling along the route to carpet, on the right hand side we can see stream running downwards, members took the right turn to a small path and there we go towards the trilled and arduous path. 
Most of it are single tracks. It started with a steep ride and then comes the pushing and carrying of bicycles. As usual members will grumbling and cursing of the path but also with jokes and laughs. 
Our super hero Mr. Goh as usual will make opposite comments eg, “ai say, like that only-ah, and siam siam, I’m coming, don’t block my way”. All this “karp siau” , jokes and laughs make the ride more fun and laughter.
It was a good day with cloudy and just a bit drizzling in the middle of the ride. There are many ups and downs along the hills and some are really steep. 
So members have to decide whether to push up or push down depends on their skills and experience when facing a steep route. There are some path members have to enter a prohibited area but it is safe even some places met dogs and also the owner of the house. 
At one stage members have to crawl out from an owner’s area which was surrounded by spikes fence.
The last part was really a bonus given after a tough ride with waterfalls awaiting for members to soak in. Some of the members do not want to miss this opportunity to play with the cool fresh water that really make them refresh and said it’s worth to come to this nice place.
After that members adjourned to makan at Relau market place. Cbcbc members would like to thank Chris Soon and Chan Eng Kooi for guiding them to experience a wonderful ride that never try before.
Story by Simon Ong


  1. Nice write up ...It was interesting. I really enjoy reading, thanks bro Simon !